Picture_4.png My thing was the splitter. see that triangle thing in the middle of everything. yeah that's is. Pretty much it is a form of vector synthesies, subtracting or adding the patches of your choice.

Phaser- changes frequency and changes pitch, adds peaks and troughs.

flanger.-airy spacey sound at a very low frequency.
tube- add or increase the amount of reverb put in the piece. ,odel the tone quality in the sound.
pq rqalizer- changeges tamber of sound.make certain frquencys stand out more.

acid laser effects a bunch of random crap happening.
spicy kick
no accoustical music, more electronic. rowland tr, very repetive rifts, 8 measure patterns stroonger mrlsdies snare usually 2 and 4
dick kevin sonderson wan used to dj partys. 1983 dance techno. bellville 3
yo heres my techno stuff
compresser is used for making baseline in ur face

Techno questions.
what does a phaser do.
Who was Kevin sonderson and what did he do?

session view
effect go in turn bars clip slide section of mixer
the zoom you can around and you can move it around