you have a vibraater that goes through aa sound thing to get a specific sound then an ampliyfier to control the volume and there is another vibrater controling all of that.

any musical instroment is going to be 20 through 20000 hetz.

5 parts....
1 osilator creates a wave form vco
2 The filter rounds the wave to the requested amount of briliance vcf
3 the wave is amplified by the amplifier to the requested sound level. vca
4 Modify your sound by attaching anothe ocilator to yoursound at any point listed above lfo

snyth broken up into to catagoreies anolog and digital.

two osilators
a low frequency osilator
2 enolveps
a filter
and an amplifier

when a key is pressed on a keyboard the osilator turns on

an osilator creates a single periodic wave form at the desiered frequency.

creates sound
alters pitch
basic wave forms
pretty much all the basic ones

first patway puts wave form to the vcf which tones the wave forms.
the keyboard is also sending info to envolope. how quickly it will turn on how quickly it ill turn off
first control thing is trigger
keyboard is trigger tells them to turn on... opens upp gate untill gate is closed.

enovolope attack decay sustain and release... all controlls it

eaulizer highs and lows, high pass allow onkly highs low pass only lows band reject oppisite
allowes u to determine what frequenciesare present in sound.

add ing an effect

pretty much the best beat ever


I have mutible ocilators conecting to special effects or base lines that all go through a p12 mixer...
I have 4 appeggiators these are VCO
a Midi with synplant a combined VCO and VCF
two baselines these are VCFs
Some nasty reverb VCF
risset tones VCF
and a PUlse combo VCF
a drum beat which pretty much makes this piece epicly awesome. VCO
pulse combo plus rissetones.

Sorry for the cut off ending... file converters sucks it originaly tapered out at the end.

Subtractive synthisies./... adding filters takeing away sounds.
low psss high pass band pass notch pass

aditive synthisis.... ad
din0g. fre
quencys instead of stipping them away like the harmo

Soundbase synthesies
samples of sounds instead of fundemental waves.
formed timebers for the poor people
stevie wonder was the first one to use this
became affordable in 1980s
originall sound sample recording it takeing it and useing a trigger when to play it
stealing things off of someones album copyright things
its a pretty much fileplayer that u can mess with

wavetable synth
additive snythisies break it up and use the timeing this to trigger when u want it to go

Physical modeling synth
try to figure out mathematicly to put it through an ocilator
complex computer algirythem that is used to describe the sounds of a synth

amplitutde modulation.
adding amplitude of one sound by useing other sounds to do it
by useing tremelo useing with the volume volume to change the beat

liniar synth

computer uses data vectors dect the frequency.... that music detecs.
random.. magiciical music

Digital wave guide synthises

phisical form of a wave sound
way more advanced then appleton
on a micro scale where eveerything is exact
you have a sound stick it in a filter changes sound new according to the algerhthm

carpless and strong
physical synth that theres a noise burst then a filter then it amplifies it

forment synth
look at forment is a major resident frequency fundamental pieces when u talk linear filter mixes sound trasckssssss;...
looking at vowellvco goes through many filters to create a speach sound

granular synth

microsound time scale anolog tech.
split into two pieces of order
little piece and mix em so its sounds weird and funky and sick and crazy and dirty and granrly sound events

vector syntheseies

mixing is done with joystick