Indaba music remix contests.
When on Indaba you can experience a range of Remixing contests. They offer the sound samples you can use, you can separate every element of the song ranging from bass to vocals. Contest format depends on what is being put out there at the moment. Prizes range from winning 1000$ and being flown out west to winning a new pair of head phones. Indaba is also a great community if you are looking to hear comments and feedback about your music. They also have an online mixing station you can download if you don't have any other programs for mixing. Lastly it's a great way to get your music out to the general public. many great remixing artists were discovered on indaba.

Beat portal remix contests.
Beatportal is not as wideknown but it is still a solid remix contest site. the pizes are normally very high winning money/objects and being placed on records. you can pretty much remix any song you want into any genre. The only real difference between Beat Portal and Indaba is that you normally have to download sound samples for 5$ from beatportal and Indaba is usually free.

Paramount song
The paramount song contest is more of you are going to be constructing lyrics to go along with your song. It isn't much of a remixing contest as much of it as it is a "songwriteing" contest If you win the put your song on i-tunes and you get a record deal. It normally costs 20$ for each song or lyrics you submit. Judgeing by the format of the contest it is more of a contest for song writers.

Unit 12.
Research and explore the web for remixing sites. Create webpage off of wiki of best remixing site. Look up techniques to remixing and post on webpage also.