Dj tiesto.
partying hard at 14 years old... house beat electronic, in 2004 he became number in a dj magazuine from dutche. prolific dj. founded black hole recordings. 9 albums of own. started very young

Benny benasi began djing in 1980s with cousin. four on the floor. crestes remixes for flo rida and red hot chili peppers. born i milan. hung out in italy. hung with cousin. dj club` first produstion was i feel so fine.

Badboy bill chigago house legend. preaised by dj mag. wanted to be a profesinal base ball player. produes 4 times the amounts of beats that normal dejays preform. started in 1985... came from warehouse shared a turn tabel. started hot mix 5 dj group.

flowseromis... two guys, auto bot and j2k. did it just for fun then became famous. they take two or more travks and mash them. chicago based duo. they are a mash up artist

Super mash bros.... live shows they are good two guys. nick and dick... mash ups pretty much it. play at collages.

Farry corsten
International DJ
He is dutch.
remixes songs.
LEF most famous album
top 10 deejays in world superstar lef in itunes dance best trance dj at award ceremony

Dj promo...
started djing in 1992
trace music.
started own recorede label
more hardcore on inside then on outside
name is sabastian hoff... wide varity of genre. a80 tracks with id and t

Dj vince started djing in 94.
from a and m in flrdorida
lots of remixes
does large scaleevents
started in 1984
underground, very hard core
acid jazz many different darker side.

milkman... still incollage
first album took 13 months
voted second best album ever in remixing
mash up artist
first album lactose

Tangeriene dreame.
started in 1967
nominated for 7grammys
really hot in the 80s
88 albums
edger fross still in it

Infected mushroom
many genras.
very trance its a dueo
clasical mushroom'
just came out with allbum 209

the prodigy
formed in england 1990
undergorund in 90s
a few different menus
pioneers of breakbeat
its a trio
invaders must die.

formed 1998
lots of comercial songs NORWAY!
video game sounds
epple "apple"
natual singing
only 3 albums out

tat to
russian duet
moscow 1999
one girl then she got upset and this other girl made it.
everyone thinks they are lesbos but ther=y jusy look like it.
primarerly a studio group
started at 13
lot of pop

brian eno.
english musician
band call rockseat music
after a year he left
formed his own
forist album =here come the warm jetts realeased 1973
solo albums... no pussy footing
he is a cross dresser
the man or women of electronica

started 2000
electronic with techno
they are electronicly inclined brass funk
5 members
8 albums
copy paste repeat

instromnetal group
100 percent electronic
met at skidmoore collage
6 albums
lp3 album

really trippy
down tempo
from UN
its a dueo
4 albums

reall name
villy vertana
from finland
first album in 1995
most famous song
mainly trance
5 albums

girl talk
greg gillas
born in pitsburg
started in high school
continued while studying bio chemical in collage
4 albums
night ripper

zombie nation
electronic alteritive dance musician, 4 albums
kernen craft 400

suklm korean composer
reieve prize at metamorpahasises
prettt famous in korea
master dj
no special album
work on home page

paul van dyke
famous electronic dude 7 albums
into deejaying
started in 1991
famous in germany

carl cox
hard core acid house deejaying in the 80s
rated number oone deejay in the world

started whole generation of electronica 4 guys